Hello! Wondering if anyone has interlocking decking squares (the kind you can get at ikea) that they no longer need to use for a back patio. Thanks!
Does anyone have a working pressure washer? I just pulled creeping fig off the garage wall, and now have to pressure wash it and repaint.
Only free computer parts. Email me at loutan09@gmail.com if you have any questions or concerns.
Hello, I would love to put any unneeded clothes hangers to good use. I am unable to respond to freecycle messages so please text Cathy at 818-635-5266. I can pick up as many it as few as you have. Thank you Cathy
Does anyone have a large glass pitcher with lid they no longer need? Thank you.
Does anyone have a large glass pitcher with lid they no longer need? Thank you.
Please I am in need of some wicker baskets, with or without handles and big enough to fit a basketball in or bigger. I need a bunch of them before Nov. 3rd, 2018.
Wanted - bookcase under 4 feet tall with shelves 2 feet deep for dorm room.. West Los Angeles
Looking for any size of these for our own home. Allergies have turned into asthma and myself, kids and our zoo of a house needs help! No effect on husband
Friend just got his own apartment and has nothing. Any working television and fridge would be appreciated.
Roughly 9" x 11" and however tall - 1' - 2'. Thanks.
Going DIY for the kids costumes. Bike handlebars would be a welcome addition to our Elliot outfit. Thanks!
Hi, Does anyone have a small metal trash can with the lid that they are not using. Small like 4 gal or so
Dear community...if anyone have some books that would like to donate for a group of Kindergarten students part of a new French program please let me know.
I am looking for 5 gallon water jugs or 5 gallon containers with the lids to make banks for Special Needs Children
Hi! I have some cassettes I'd like to figure out what's on them.....If you have a working one I can borrow if not to give, that'd be great as well!! Thanks. Jennifer
I need an dressmakers mannequin to displace custom t-shirts on.
Hello, Freecycle! I'm looking for moving boxes - any around?
Hi, FreeCyclers! I'm looking for a "work height" table, usually a little more than 3 ft high. Perhaps a kitchen island or cart (they're often on wheels, though that isn't necessary) Thanks! Mike
I'm a struggling single parent mom with a 12 year old rocker. My boy has been told he has talent but we can not afford instruments. He is beginning guitarist but mostly a lead singer/drummer. He has a drum pad but he needs an actual drum set and he needs an electric guitar. If you have one you're not using anymore that needs a home, we'd really benefit it.
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